Wednesday, July 23, 2008


finally, something worth the while of the people who visit this place:

the tentative title of the much anticipated Ongaku Gatas 3rd single (which is scheduled to be released on my birthday) has finally been announced (just in case you haven't read it elsewhere)

"音楽ガッタス 9月10日発売 NEWシングル「Come Together(仮)」発売記念イベント決定!

9月10日(水)発売、音楽ガッタスNEWシングル「Come Together(仮)」発売記念イベント決定!



【会場】shibuya-AX(東京) "

for us who have no idea what the item above just said:

"Music GATTASU September 10, 2006 NEW Release single" Come Together (tentative) "launch event!

September 10 (Wednesday) Release, music GATTASU NEW single "Come Together (tentative)" launch event! The following schedule at the events. NEW Singles (First Press) went into the applicant's participation in the lottery SHIRIARUNANBAKADO using mobile phones to access the site (PHS) -! ! By lottery, NEW single launch event for your invitation.

※ Deadline: April 28, 2007 (May) Date: 24 pm 10 / 5 (Sun)

[Venue] shibuya-AX (Tokyo) "

thanks to burnt_glitter of H!O for the awesome news...

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