Saturday, June 21, 2008

random ramblings and rants

I was browsing through my H!P files today and I saw an OPV for the Yoyo cop Asamiya Saki movie with Matsuura Aya and Charmy Ishikawa... then it just hit me that Rika has an affinity with the letter Y (pretty shallow and unsubstantiated but i just wanted to "say" it out "aloud" into the internet)

Y - shaped balance (that makes me go "o!")

Yoyo (i saw a clip of her doing the Rocking the Cradle trick)

and of course, that other Yo... ... ... ... .. .. .. mi

Yo yo yo yo!!!


***_~bea~_*** said...

i just realized that today!
the third yo was the best lol XD

Japanime1 said...

Wow; that is a true find. (^^) lol. Yes, that last Yo is the best, I agree. XDD

tru_harmony said...

it would be cool if she did a cheerleading routine saying "Yossy" or any nickname of Yossui starting with the letter Y doing the Y-shaped balance...

*fanatical fantasy*